The Hill Country Chapter of the Woman’s Auxiliary to the Texas Sheep and Goat Raisers Association was organized to help another group, the Woman’s Auxiliary to the Texas Sheep and Goat Raiser’s Association, in the promotion of the sheep and goat industry.

The first meeting of the organization was held in April 1949.  The Chapter’s membership of about seventy-five women stemmed from the half dozen hill country counties that form the nucleus of the sheep and goat ranching business.  As members have always been from several counties, it has been the practice to have officers represent different communities and the quarterly meeting have been rotated between different towns.

Since the early 1970’s the organization has sponsored style shows featuring wool and mohair fashions to support projects.  In recent years the fashion shows have been held in the Liveoak Ballroom of the YO Hotel.  The organization has also funded scholarships to college students from the hill country area.

In 2015, the group changed its name to the Hill Country Sheep & Goat Organization.